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This is where we will tell you times a show has mentioned Mary-Kate and Ashley's names. If anyone has any, send them to the address at the bottom of this page and you will get credit on this page.

ADDED 07-04-99: From Me:
Sister, Sister
Tia and Tamera just entered college and were meeting one of their friend's roomates. The roomate was very negative. The friend, Tia, and Tamera were telling about high school. The friend had gotten voted for something in the "Favorites". One of the twins said, "She was also nominated for best dressed." Then at the same time, Tia and Tamera said, "But We Won". The roomate said, "Thank-You, Mary-Kate and Ashley!" Then Tia said, "Well, Mary-Kate had better hold me back, cuz Ashley's about to hurt someone!"
This one's from Sally:
Kenan and Kel
Kenan said, "Kel, I think we have a mystery. Come on help me solve it." Kel said, "Why don't you just call 'Olsen and Olsen Mystery Agency'?" Kenan said, "What is that?" Kel said, "You know Mary-Kate and Ashey Olsen those twin detectives." Kenan said, "No way man, come on!" Kel, "AWWW here it goes!"
This one is from Christy:
Bobcats Big A--Show
Bobcat was trying to guess people's secrets & this one lady said,"I was painted nude" then Bobcat goes, " Thats weird because just last week the Olsen twins did one of me naked."
This one is from Laura Jay:
Under Wraps
A girl that was a main character was trying to talk bad about someone...she said something like, "Yeah, he wanted to see that Olsen Twins movie, how lame!"
My Brother and Me

This is a Nickelodeon show shown mosty on the weekend. D.D., the youngest brother, ran away from home. Alfie, the older brother, and his friend, Goo went to look for him. Alfie told Dede how much everyone would miss him and he decided to come home. Goo said, "Man, this is like an episode of 'Full House'.
This was not M-K and A, but they were on Full House, so I thought I'd put it!
Grace Under Fire

Grace was talking to her toddler son, Patrick. "I bet you're the cutest kid on this block. What am I saying, you make those Olsen twins look like little pigs!"
This one's from Leah:
Hangin' With Mr. Cooper
On Hangin with Mr. Cooper he said to this boy, "You have to act like a detective." Then this lady said, "Yeah, like the Olsen twins."
Kwik Wits
This is a game show. The contestants had to choose a celebrity and sing a song about what they would say. One contestant chose Mary-Kate.
All I remember was:
"I will be in the sequel to TWISTER, and I will not work with my sister."

This one's from Mac:
Unhappily Ever After
On the show, Unhappily Ever After, the little boy was trying to pick up girls. If he liked a girl he would walk up to her and say, "I think you're cuter than both the Olsen twins together."
This show makes up funny short TV show scenes. One scene was a nursery and the baby was missing. The announcer said:
"Pay close attention to the baby in the center."
Then the baby was supposed to kill the babysitter, then all the dolls came to life and there was twins. The announcer said:
"This is almost as bad as the Olsen twins!"

This one's from Mac:
On Mad TV they had two people act like them... (It was a skit for a Full House Movie).One girl was really fat, (Mary-Kate), and one was really skinny. (Ashley). It was pretty funny.

Please Read- The twins were mentioned on all these shows because they are very popular. This is not meant to offend any fan or the twins.

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