This is where I will list the 'Full House' Items that I know of. If it is in RED, then you can click on it to see a picture.


Full House: Same To You Duckface (by: Bonnie Worth. 1990)
D.J.'s Full House Family Scrapbook (by: Devra Speregen. 1992)
Full House (Unauthorized Edition)(by: Stefanie Matthews. 1992)
Kiss The Frog, Princess (by: Bonnie Worth. 1992)
A Full House Family Scrapbook (by: Devra Speregen. 1993)
Jesse's Full House Snapshot Album (by: Nancy E. Kurlik. 1993)
That's The Way It Crumbles, Cookie (by: Suzanne Weyn. 1993)
Behind the Scenes (by: T.R. Storey. 1993)
Trivia and Puzzle Fun Book (by: Sonia Black. 1993)
D.J./Stephaine Full House Flip-Over Book (by: Devra Speregen. 1994)
Michelle's Full House Scrapbook (by: Judy Nayer. 1995)
Full House Stephanie (Various authors. 1994 to Present)
Full House Michelle (Various authors. 1994-present)


Michelle Talking Doll (Meritus, 1990)
Viewmaster 3-D (Tyco, 1991)
Paper Dolls (Golden, 1992)
Michelle Dress Up Watch (Nelsonics, 1992)
Handheld Game (Tiger, 1993)
Full House Boardgame (Tiger, 1993)
Danny's Family Doll Set(w/ Danny, D.J., Stephanie & Michelle) (Tiger, 1993)
Jesse's Family Doll Set(w/ Jesse, Becky, Alex & Nicky) (Tiger, 1993)
Other Pics of Doll Sets:
Jesse's Family #2 Whole Full House Family Becky Jesse Nicky or Alex Rockin' Jesse Doll(with family pictures in Guitar) (Tiger, 1993)
Full House Joey Doll (Tiger, 1993)
Full House Trading Cards (Laffs, 1991)


Full House Michelle Puzzle (Golden, 1992)
Full House D.J., Stephanie & Michelle Puzzle (Golden, 1992)
Full House Jesse Puzzle (Golden, 1992) Puzzle2


Jesse & Michelle Motorcyle Poster (Starmakers, 1991)
Full House 5th Season Cast Poster (Scholastic, 1992)
Forever Poster with John Stamos (The Beach Boys, 1992)
Jodie Sweetin Barefooted Poster (Gravy Train Productions, 1993)
Full House Sticker of Stephanie & Michelle (Scholastic, 1993)
Full House Stephanie and Michelle Cardboard Poster (Minstrel, 1994)
Full House Calendar of 1995-1996 (Minstrel, 1995)

TV Gude Covers

Here's lookin' at you, America: Bob Saget.(Issue: March 31, April 6, 1990)
Christmas with TV's top tots: Dave Coulier holding Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen.(Issue: December 8-14, 1990)
A Very Full House: The New Twins Arrive: Mary-Kate Olsen holding Kevin Renteria & Ashley Olsen holding Daniel Renteria. (Issue: Novermber 9-15, 1991)
Single Dads: Bob Saget. (Issue: June 13-19, 1992)
HARK! Your Angelic Guide to Holiday Specials and Shows: John Stamos holding Blake & Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit. Pic 2(Issue: December 5-11, 1992)
Full House's Tycoon Tots: Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen. (Issue: August 7-13, 1993)

I copied all of these items off of the Olsen and Olsen Mystery Agency. I did not copy the pictures, just the items.